• Our New Address is: 9300 Goreway Dr, Suite 209, Brampton, ON L6T 0C4
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  • Our New Address is: 9300 Goreway Dr, Suite 209, Brampton, ON L6T 0C4
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Real Estate

Real Estate Law

When you embark on a real estate project, it requires careful consideration of all the key elements. You will need the services of a real estate lawyer near me that has long-standing experience in this area of law. Often the litigation can cross several areas of law and jurisdictions. Ramesh Sangha has experience in real estate and multidisciplinary law. No matter the complexity of your project, we have the experience and specialization with a strong industry understanding to help you. For litigation in the field of real estate, our team can help you at each step of the process. We are driven by the goal to provide legal and effective advice to our clients, whether you are an individual or an organization.

We provide legal advice in any residential or commercial sale or purchase project. Besides, we also assist with legal issues that may arise as part of the ownership, transaction, or structure of a property in Ontario.

Our Real Estate Law Services

With over 40 years of practicing experience, there is no realty legal issue that our real estate law firm cannot handle. Our key services include, but are not limited to the following:

  • Closing Real Estate Deals: We help ensure your real estate deals close properly and on time. You will get expert advice on transactions such as buying, selling, real estate mortgages, and financing.
  • Real Estate Disputes: You may be a property owner engaged in a dispute. Our real estate litigation lawyer can assist you in resolving the dispute. The type of disputes we commonly assist with include construction liens, latent defects, mould discovery, TARION Warranty claims, boundary disputes, and structural defects among others.
  • Real Estate Development: We often represent land developers and builders in the region for land purchases, acquisition, and construction financing.

Our real estate attorney can also assist you in different procedures in terms of requests for termination of a lease, repossessing housing, and fixing and increasing rent.

Why Choose Us as Your Real Estate Litigation Lawyer?

The real estate market in Ontario is always changing along with the regulations. When you have the expertise and assistance of the right property lawyers near me, you can remain assured that your transactions are completed accurately. The degree of accuracy in the process has a big impact on any real estate transaction. Lack of accuracy is what causes delays, costly litigation, and financial loss. All real estate matters involve the careful handling of multiple legal and financial points. At Ramesh Sangha, we will detect and address potential issues early on. With us, you can be confident about the accurate and professional completion of your transaction.

Our realtor lawyer takes a strategic and results-oriented approach to handling all aspects of real estate transactions. Founded in 1980, we bring a unique level of expertise and experience to each and every case we handle. We service clientele of all sizes and types including individuals with personal cases, small businesses, and the largest corporations. Our services are available in the GTA and the surrounding cities. If you want to discuss your real estate case or truncation with us, feel free to call us at 905-456-9911 or send us a message via this Online Form.

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